IoT System Integration:

Mideatek provides IoT Systems that include activities that principles the IoT Devices, IoT Systems include embedded devices such as sensors to sense data often of remote locations, that hardware manage by C++ or java or Python, cloud platforms such as AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT in IoT Systems are now playing a huge role of gathering data of devices which needs monitoring. Data Analytics tools like Power Power BI, Tablue and Google Data Studio used to analyze the data that is coming from a remote device. Networking Protocols like MQTT, CoAP and TCP/IP are a general framework for these devices to exchange data between each other. Last aspect is Security to the remote device, edge computing is a very unique and new feature that is now being introduced to this day of age, protecting edge devices by using some gateway or other methods to ensure the safety of overall IoT Systems.

For example, Mideatek integrate product sensors into an IT system to alert stakeholders of malfunctions or risks requiring attention.

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